Bennett Greenberg
Bennett Greenberg

Bennett Greenberg
Independent Instructor

By appointment ONLY

Concealed Carry Class

Top 10 reasons to get your Concealed Carry Class with Bennett at Bear Arms Indoor Shooting Range
1) NRA and State Certified to meet NC and FL criteria for CC permit
2) Unlike other instructors Bennett has been an instructor for nearly 40 years (teaching civilians and law enforcement)

Associate instructors include former military, law enforcement and experts in combatives.
3) Shooting qualification is done individually not in groups
4) Qualification done at your convenience. You get individual attention with an instructor for your safety (please call or Email Bennett to make an appointment. 828-489-8980
5) Shooting is done on an indoor range so no worries about weather
6) Class is completed in one day
7) Class is held in the classroom at Bear Arms giving you access to a full gun shop not like a hotel or someones backyard or living room. If you need to shop or just see some guns and equipment it is readily available.
8) In addition to the NC requirements, you get a bonus of video shoot/no shoot training and live action Force on Force training (not offered anywhere else)
9) You may return at anytime to audit the class when the law changes at NO CHARGE
10) Some counties require you to take the class every 5 years. You may retake the classroom portion again as many times as you like at NO CHARGE

Call us at 884-2599 to schedule a class while there is still time. Classes are kept small so as to afford everyone more personal attention so they always fill up fast.


Concealed Carry Classes are one day classes, generally the first Saturday of each month starting at 10am until approximately 6pm. There is NO shooting the day of class. Qualifications are done in advance and by appointment only. Cost is $100. Registration is done when you qualify and will guarantee your spot in the class. Call Bennett (828-489-8980) to make an appointment at Bear Arms or his outdoor range in Rosman. You need to bring a handgun and 40 rounds of ammo or you can rent one at an additional charge. Ammo is also available for sale at the range.


Group and Private classes offered

Beginner to advanced, tactical handgun, rifle & shotgun
Safety Classes - Womens classes - Basic to advanced specializing in self defense
*For Law Enforcement training, you must present a badge and current ID or department letterhead.



Justin Fisher - Staff Instructor
Basic Pistol and Tactical Rifle

Available at the range Tues-Sat from 10am-6pm

Justin has spent over a decade as a first responder and 6 years with the US Army, having completed 2 combat tours in Afghanistan. Justin is certified by the US Military as a CLS (Combat Life Saver). He is certified by the US Army as a heavy machine gun and AR platform instructor. In addition to serving as a US Army MP in the military, Justin spent 3 years as a Law Enforcement  Officer here in Brevard trained in patrol and combatives. in 2012 he had the prestigious position of being attached to the DNC as a Police officer. In his distinguished career he also qualified as TOP GUN making him the best of the best when it comes to shooting a rifle. This is just the type of instructor you need if you want to learn how to shoot.

As an associate instructor for Concealed Carry, Justin brings combat experience with him. He knows first hand what a gun fight is all about and what it feels like to be shot at. He is a valued part of the Concealed Carry Team.





Women Arm Yourselves Safely (WAYS)

Independent Instruction

(formerly Women on Target)

Are you a woman who has ever been curious about shooting a handgun?

Do you have a handgun at home but don't really know how to handle it safely and effectively?

If you're a woman who has never shot a handgun or have very limited experience and

want to learn more, then this course is for you!

Asheville Practical Shooting Association (APSA) offers an orientation and training class for women that is structured for those who have little or no experience with handguns. The course consists of a one day combination of classroom instruction and handgun firing at Bear Arms Indoor Shooting Range in Brevard, NC. Course focus is on firearms safety and proper shooting techniques. The staff is made up of highly qualified instructors who provide top notch training in a safe, nurturing environment. The association provides firearms, ammunition, targets, all safety gear, and lunch for only $35.

If you have been thinking of getting a concealed carry permit, want to learn how to safely handle and shoot that gun that you've had for a while but don't know anything about, have just a little experience and want to learn more, or have no experience at all but are just curious about handguns, then contact us for more information or to reserve a spot in one of our 2017 classes.
(this is NOT a concealed carry class)

  To Sign Up or ask a question please Call Mike or Beth Privette, APSA "WAYS" coordinators, 828-966-9611