Law Enforcement    League Shooting

When entering the range, all guns must be in a case or holster. NO handling of any firearms is allowed until on the firing line. If you do not have a case or holster, leave your gun in your vehicle and ask for assistance.

All lanes are wheelchair accessible, have individual, wide, armored booths with electronic target carriers. Airflow is well above industry standards. Hi intensity LED lighting. Range staff are NRA certified and always available to help. Firearms instruction is also available at an additional cost. Range rates are for untimed shooting, so relax and enjoy yourself.

Long Gun Range for Shotguns & High Power Rifles

5 Lanes * 2 bench rest positions * 40 yards * High Power Rifles (no 50 BMG) *

Black Powder Approved * Shotgun Approved

Dimmable lighting * Blue lights (For LEO training)
No steel core, AP, tracer, incendiary, steel shot or BB shot. Due to people bringing armor piercing ammo (like greentip or 62gr 5.56) we prefer all rifle/shotgun ammo be brought in original factory boxes – no loaded magazines
All rifle/shotgun ammo must be checked at front desk before shooting

Handgun Range

6 lanes * 30 yards * seated shooting available upon request A large common area ideal for groups * Locker rental available Center fire rifle ammo fired from a handgun must be fired on the rifle range only

Our private classroom is used for a wide variety of firearms instruction and special events. Equipped with a video projector and sound system.

Range Hours

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday * Noon to 6 p.m. Sunday We turn off the lights and go home at 6PM promptly! So please be packed up and off the range accordingly.


Daily Range Use UNTIMED - $18.00 individual - $22 family
Monthly membership - $35 individual - $40 family
6 months - $160.00 individual - $190 family Save $50
Yearly membership - $295.00 individual - $350 family Save $125/$130
**NOTE - All range fees are for untimed shooting.
Family means anyone that resides in your home and children under age 21


Range Facilities are available for Corporate or Private events

Contact management for details or further information

Handgun and long guns are available to rent.

Handguns $10 for the first rental $5 for each additional.
Long Guns $15 for the first $5 for each additional
Rental Package – $25 (does not include range fee) gets you 5 guns, no time limit. So you can get 1 today, come back and get 2 more the next time… until you have reached 5 (save up to $25)
Instruction Package – $100 for one shooter or $150 for two covers your range fee, 6 guns, ammo, targets, eye and ear protection, one hour of beginner level instruction and includes laser gun training. (Save at least $20) (Available by appointment)


If you are driving a distance or have a group, please call before making a trip to make sure range time is available. We do book up and have wait times to shoot (yep, we are that popular).
Hours subject to change seasonally. Please check here for current information or contact the range 828-884-2599.

Gunsmith on premises every day except Wednesday.